QA1 Proma Star Rear Coil-Over Conversion Kit (Double Adjustable)


QA1 now offers bolt-in Rear Coilover Conversion Kits for your vehicle.  These kits include specially designed in the USA made mounting brackets and single or double adjustable aluminum shocks specific to 3rd and 4th Generation F-Bodies, springs and all necessary hardware.

Single adjustable shocks provide 18 positions of simultaneous rebound and compression adjustment while QA1’s double adjustable shocks provide 18 positions of compression adjustment and 18 positions of rebound adjustment, for a Total of 324 possible valving combinations these shocks also utilize a fully threaded body allowing for ride height adjustability. Multiple spring rate options are also available and have been successfully tested in various applications, from casual street driving to hard core race applications.

With our highly popular adjustable struts and the addition of the Rear Coil-Over Conversion Kit, you can now get a complete suspension makeover for both ends of the vehicle.

*Conversion Kit Note:* Later model vehicles tend to weigh more on average. Please take this into account when ordering springs. Call QA1 tech at 952.985.5675 for questions.


  • Spring Rate: 130 (Medium