ECS NOVI 1500/2200 Supercharger Kit Corvette Z06 2006-13

2006-2013 7.0 Liter LS7 Corvette Z06 Supercharger Systems

With the ECS C6 Z06 Supercharger System, You get more. A lot more. This is the kit that has helped set several national C6 records in both 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile racing and has proven itself for thousands of miles on Corvettes around the world.

It is the most complete system in the market. It was designed to work with your factory cooling system (Even on Z51s and Z06s), and retains provision for factory, or after market oil coolers. We include things that greatly add to reliability such as heavy duty belt tensioners and steel double bearing idlers, as well as stainless steel hardware, high quality silicone hoses and high grade, stainless steel t-bolt clamps. All things, that are more often than not, considered upgrades by competitors.

Please note: These systems will require ECM programming. Tuner kits do not include the fuel pump, fuel injectors, or ECM tuning.

Power output could be much greater with custom tuning and/or on higher octane fuel.

Recommended power support for belt drive:

  • 6-Rib: 500whp to 700whp
  • 8-Rib: 700whp to 900whp
  • 10-Rib: 900whp+

The Highest Efficiency Intercooler

The C6 Corvette is a “front breather”. Meaning all the air that cools your radiator and AC condenser passes through the nose of the car. That’s why ECS started from scratch when designing our C6 intercooler. The large 17 x 3.5 x 8 in core has proven to support more than 1200 hp, and still provides adequate airflow across the front of the car to allow your AC and cooling systems to keep the car operating as it should, without the added cost of a larger radiator and fans. With the ECS intercooler you won’t need to scoop additional air from the bottom of the car in the attempt to manage heat. Doing this only causes lift on the nose of the car and disturbs the air flow as it was designed in the C6. The Intercooler features a 3 inch inlet and a 4 inch outlet to maximize cooling and airflow that so critical to your supercharged Corvette.

Head Unit Options: 

The Paxton Novi 1500 has been the core of our C6 system for a number of years. This head unit features a self contained oiling system, and super quiet operation making it the top option for most customers. While many customers choose the ECS Supercharging System for its unmatched features and reliability, others choose the ECS Package because it presents far more growth potential that any other supercharging system for the Corvette. Almost any system can deliver 500 rwhp on a factory LS3, but how many of them can exceed 700rwhp? ECS can.

Possibly the best feature of the Novi 1500, is the scalable power it provides. It will provide 500-600 rear wheel horsepower on otherwise stock C6’s, but when uncorked, it can provide enough boost to generate more than 800 rear wheel horsepower on a properly set up engine. Other manufacturers start off with less expensive, and smaller head units that don’t present nearly the power output of the Novi 1500 leaving you in a situation that when you want more power, you will need to purchase a completely new head unit ($3000+) or a blower cam package ($2500+) to come close to the power the base ECS kit provides.

If you are looking to support above what our base Novi 1500 can support, our bracket system is compatible with several Novi head units to support upwards of 1,300+ whp depending on the application. Our brackets will work with the following head units:

Novi 1500-SL

Novi 2200-HD*

Novi 2200-R*

Novi 2200-X*

*Oil fed units require -4AN feed line and 1/2" or -8AN drain line

All available in Black or Polished finishes.

System Contents and Features:

  • Kit adds approximately 200hp to otherwise stock vehicles, and the capability to deliver far more on modified Corvettes.
  • Belt driven NOVI centrifugal superchargers provides unmatched reliability and power delivery
  • Fuel management upgrade includes a ECS Fuel Pump Booster and 60# injectors for safe, reliable operation
  • Complete system fits under stock hood
  • Crank pin kit and new GM Crank bolt included
  • PCV oil separator to eliminate oil vapor from intake
  • ECS Valve Cover Breather
  • Billet aluminum supercharger mounting bracket assembly includes idler, drive belt and all necessary hardware
  • High-flow, reusable air filter
  • Air inlet restrictor plate integrated into system provides greater low RPM hp & torque while maintaining safe peak RPM boost levels
  • Inlet and discharge duct connections utilize heat-resistant silicon sleeves and premium quality stainless steel t-bolt clamps
  • Genuine Tial Q or Qr Blowoff Valve
  • Compatible with factory OBD II engine management systems
  • Heavy duty belt tensioners and fixed idlers with double walled ball bearing idlers to ensure proper belt tracking and traction
  • Kit comes with new NGK TR-6 spark plugs LS2/3 Cars or TR-7IX LS7 Cars
  • New 160 degree thermostat to ensure adequate cooling
  • 6061 aluminum ducting with proper MAF locations
  • All Kits available in black or polished finish
  • One year limited warranty on 1500SL and 2200HD Superchargers
  • Two year limited warranty on ECS Kit Components


*Installation Instructions*