Oddball Mazdaspeed Stage 1 Short Block


Broken ringlands and a tight budget?  Well look no further, this is the short block for you.  We carefully developed our stage 1 short blocks with your budget in mind.  We have chosen to use Manley internals in our stage blocks because we have found the best results with their products.  We have came to the conclusion that Manley doesn't just make positions for the Mazdaspeed they design positions for them.  One major benefit to the Manley pistons is they are notched for the oil squirters so you do not have to bend them and chance them breaking, inside the engine, like we have seen many times before.  Then we carefully check all tolerances and make sure they are held to the closest accuracy possible.  One bonus feature with choosing our short blocks is we key all of our cranks before assembly to avoid having to use those annoying friction washer.  We have tested this setup to well into the 500HP range with the proper head studs with no issues.  Our stage 1 short block is ideal for those with BNR stage 3 or 4 or even small PTE and garret turbos


  • Manley Platinum Sport Pistons
  • Manley H Beam Rods
  • Clevite Main and Rod Bearings
  • Keyed Crank
  • Mazda OEM Rear Main Seal
  • Oddball Headgasket 
  • ARP Main Studs
  • Balance Shaft Delete
  • Block Cleaning
  • Cylinder Honing and Boring

**Please Note:  The above prices are based on a complete short block with the crank in working order I.E. no spun bearings and a good block, if your core is not usable you will be required to send a new core or purchase a new block or crank or even both.